Upcoming Display Events

Brick Rodeo
July 6th - 9th

Brick Rodeo includes 4 days of family-friendly LEGO® activities: private convention, public exhibition, games, presentations, giveaways, and social gatherings with fellow AFOLs! 

Longview Comic Con
July 15th | 10am - 6pm

Longview Comic Con is a two-day event featuring Cosplay, celebrity guests, and costume contests, that will bring together a diverse list of guests, artists, and fan groups - all in an affordable, family-friendly environment.  

Day One DFW
January 1st

Vogel Alcove is a nonprofit serving homeless children and their families. Approximately 3,000 children in Dallas go to sleep each night without a home of their own. We’re on a mission to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. It is our vision that every child in our community has a home, a self-sufficient family and a foundation for success in school and life. Homeless children are the most invisible and neglected members of our community. But Vogel Alcove is devoted to helping these children cope with the physical, emotional and mental trauma they are experiencing so that they might succeed in life despite their circumstances.

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